Friday, August 28, 2009

Neither Materialistic Nor Spiritual.......

Yes, now I’m on the road to spirituality! But that doesn’t indicate the least that we were too materialistic till now.

In fact we were and are leading a very simple life .We had professional degrees, held good offices in tune with our times, and we had everything to act big if so desired by us .But costly dresses, make up and luxurious living never allured us. It was not at all our style, so to say. We were quite contented too. Live and let live was our motto. We never interfered with other’s beliefs and we didn’t permit others to intervene in ours. A very silent and peaceful way of living. Very much sincere, dedicated and bound to duty to the extent of work holism at times. So did we take up our house hold duties and responsibilities as well.

But when we look back, we do realize one thing....We were not at all spiritual!!!. We were following a path in between materialism and spirituality. As the mistress of the house, I am to be blamed for that. I never used to light up the sandhyadeepam (the lamp lit in the evenings at hindu homes), offer prayers to God, go to temples, and observe rituals like vrathams (penance) for the betterment of family. We have read all the sacred books right from childhood days. But the reading had nothing to do with Bhakthi or religion. Any Indian should read these irrespective of his religion caste etc etc as rightly said by many learned people.

Similarly, we have visited many famous temples, stood wonderstruck before the huge structures........admiring the sculptors.......Praying to the lords inside the temple were the most unimportant part then....... But now I realize God must have smiled sympathetically at us who, got trapped in the external luxuries and failed miserably to find him/her inside the sanctum sanctorum .It was just like going to meet our Parents and enjoying the luxuries of the house without paying any attention to them! i.e. simply forgetting the very purpose of the visit.

Now I am experimenting.... But it is really hard.....had we been spiritual earlier, I'm sure we could have improved the quality of our lives and helped to make this place a better place to live.. The word spirituality itself has varied meanings.......

Late realisation in life.....Anyway better late than never!!!